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This is the journal of my journey to community around the world. First comes the preparation and planning… so that the adventure will be as “green” as absolutely possible. As I strive to discover the “heart” of the nations that I journey thru, I am seeking like-minded individuals to share experiences and stories with… and maybe even to travel with. Have you evolved beyond dogma? Are you curious about your spiritual evolution? Are you living your inspiration? Do you want to explore the planet? Do you prefer the outdoors… to the 9-5 box life? Do you want to discover the truth about cultures & beliefs of other people on this planet? Have you found yourself asking “Is this all there is to life?”… being caught up in the rat-race. Have you an adventurous spirit? Do you want more out of life? Consider joining me… on an extended adventure… or for exploration along the way? I’d like to hear from you. Namaste’

Motto: Semper Gumby (always flexible)


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