Lakshmi’s Gift Finds Sanctuary In My Sock…

May 27, 2011

The fragrance of spring was in the air: lilac, apple & pear blossom, iris, azalea, strawberry… and freshly cut grass from the night before.           A buck with velvet covered antlers had just wandered past my window and into the back yard to peacefully graze.  And then, only 30 minutes later, […]


Miracle of Life: Ms Robin Red Breast & Her Brood

May 20, 2011

Ms. Robin red breast occupied an pre-existing nest and successfully incubated her three prized turquoise eggs – thankfully within reach so that I could observe her daily progress. The following sequence began on May 2, by May 5 all three eggs had hatched & I got to observe the chicks daily until all three fledged. […]